Practice Putting One-Handed

One of the biggest faults I see in putting is a poor release. This would normally result in the putt being pushed or pulled missing the hole! Trying to manipulate the stroke too much with the hands is normally the culprit.
Every club in the bag needs to be released to some extent as the club head must pass the body. A great way to practice a natural release is to practice putting with one hand, your right hand to be more specific (For a right Handed Golfer). You’ll be surprised how well you can actually putt with only one hand!
This drill will encourage the club head to move past your body un-manipulated and allow the club face to close naturally. Dont be scared of the club face closing it should do, just think of the putter face like a door on a hinge it rotates open and then closed but it is still square to path throughout. The face will be square at impact and that’s when it matters.
Have a go and feel free to leave a comment about your results!

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