Set up for Success!

To improve your strike and consistency why not change your set up to promote a cleaner strike.
90% of all swing faults stem from the set up so it seems the perfect place to start to make an improvement.
Start by putting 60% of your weight through your leading foot by shifting your hips forwards. Leave your upper body central, this should create a tilt in your spine angle away from the target making you feel like your looking at the back of the ball. Dont be scared of the tilt as one hand is lower on the grip and both arms are hopefully the same length your body will be lower on one side (tilted). This new position is designed to simulate an good impact position with the hips positioned forwards and the body roughly in line with the ball. The idea of this is if your body starts in an impact position it will achieve it much easier and more consistently when you strike the ball. This new set up will improve you ball striking and consistency give it a go!

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