Take your Grip Naturally to Improve Consitancy

Everyone’s grip is comfortable to them but is it the right grip? From my experience the more naturally we can play golf the better we will become. To take your grip naturally take a moment to see how your hands hang. You’ll notice that they will both hang in towards your body, so when you take your grip ensure that the hands, if opened, are still facing the body. To give you some general pointers your left hand should have two knuckles visible over the left arm, with your thumb favouring the right side of the grip. Your right hand should create a ‘V’ between your thumb and your forefinger which should point somewhere near or at your right shoulder with the thumb favouring the left side of the grip. What you have to remember is your hands work really quickly during a golf swing and will therefore always try to return back to hit the golf ball in their natural position, if they are positioned on the club wrongly it can cause the club face to impact the ball shut or open. This means the body is constantly compensating for the grip which will make your golf swing and ball striking inconsistent.

Make your Grip natural and improve your game!

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