Another great use for a Drill Stick!

If you feel that your chipping is inconsistent you’ll probably find that your over using your wrists and ‘flicking’ at the ball through impact. With this fault you would generally see a mixture of results ranging from thins, fats and lack of distance control. But don’t worry here is a simple way to practice your chipping. The use of ‘Drill Sticks’ and ‘Tour Stick’ is becoming common practice among most players now, it has to be the most simple yet effective practice aid on the market. As they’re not clubs they can sit in your bag the whole time and be used for any part of your game! Here is another use for this fantastic value practice aid.

When your chipping grip the Drill Stick along with your club with the Drill stick placed behind your grip in your fingers. Then put the rest of the Drill stick underneath your left arm (for a Right Handed golfer). With the drill stick positioned in this way it will be impossible for you to ‘flick’ or collapse the wrists while chipping encouraging you to turn more whilst hitting the shot.

Have a go and enjoy the results, feel free to leave a comment on your progress!


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