Hit then walk to increase your Power!

So many people come to see me looking for more distance, for most the answer is a simple one “You need to use your body more effectively when hitting the ball”. Easy to say, not so easy to do by just thinking about it! The key is to trick your body into working better through the use of one of my favourite drills, the walking forward drill. This drill involves taking your normal set up, back swing and down swing with one distinct difference. As you hit the ball and follow through, your trailing leg needs to follow your club forwards towards your target with you walking off after the ball for a couple of steps. This hitting and walking drill encourages your body weight to move through the ball more effectively utilising your body as a whole instead of just your hands and arms as so many of us do!
Two things to watch out for – 
  • We don’t want to hit, finish then walk we need to hit and walk with the right leg following the club directly after impact.
  • We are also looking to walk in a straight-line after the golf ball towards our target so be carefull you don’t spin-off in another direction, stay in control! 
This is a great drill as it adds no thoughts to your main swing and is perfect for golfers of any ability. One word of warning, you will know when you’ve done enough of this drill as when you finish your normal swing you will wobble and lose balance forwards. To be ultimately consistent we want to maintain balance throughout the golf swing.

Give it a go and feel free to leave a comment!

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