Turn your Golf swing into a Baseball Swing for more Power!

Would you believe the closest sport to golf for technique is Baseball. The main difference being the spine angle. For baseball your stood upright and for golf your bent over from the waist roughly 45 Degree’s. The swings and the movements however are practically identical. This really highlighted one thing for me, that most golfers swing too much up and down and not enough around their bodies. One of the big disadvantages of swinging up and down is that the longer clubs really wont be able to work to their full potential with the driver being the most dificult to use. Does this sound like you……?

So to practice the correct swing position and movement the easiest thing to do is to make base ball practice swings.

Start by taking your normal stance and grip then lif the club up untill its level with your chest. Then swing the club around your body making sure the club head stays outside the shoulders on the way back and through.  This movement should give you the right feeling to make a positive change in your swing which will result in more power and consistancey.

So turn your Golf swing into a Baseball swing today to hit the ball better and further!

Feel free to comment on any results……



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