Hit your Driver better into a head wind!

Hitting your driver in windy conditions presents many problems, the main one being the lack of distance compared to normal conditions.

The tendency then is to hit it harder but as we all know this isn’t a good idea on a calm day let alone a windy one! What we ultimately need to do is fight the extra curvature the wind gives the ball flight and ensure we still hit the fairway.

What we need is more control and here’s how to gain it –

Firstly tee the ball a little lower so we can see around 1/3 of the ball above the club face instead of the normal 2/3. This will launch the ball a little lower which means the wind will have less impact on the ball.

Secondly grip down the driver a little so you feel more in control of the club, control is important!

Finally we need to swing smoothly and maybe a little slower than usual, the reason being the harder we try to hit the ball the more spin is imparted on the ball, the wind exaggerates spin and will send the ball off course. A slower swing will impart less spin and keep the ball flying straighter through the wind.

Good luck and feel free to leave any comments…..


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