Stand like a Goalie to improve your posture!

Even though you might not play football everyone knows what a goal keeper looks like when he’s standing in a goal mouth waiting to receive a penalty. A goalie has his weight going through the balls of his feet with light flex through his knee’s putting him in a ‘ready position’. From here he can react to the ball and dive either way if necessary.

Golf might be a static sport but that doesn’t mean our legs don’t need to be ready to work. Through the golf swing the legs need to be in a ‘ready position’ as they need to react to what ever the rest of our body is doing. No one can tell me that their swing has the exact same tempo every time, therefore a lot of what we do in the golf swing is instinctive and needs to be a reaction. If the legs are either straight or over bent with the weight on the heels of the feet they will be ineffective and unable to work properly. This will result in a weak ball flight and normally a fade or a pull.

Here’s a good Drill -To ensure good knee flex and weight distribution stand against a wall so that you leave roughly 2 inch’s between your heels and the wall. Rest your bum against the wall and add slight flex to your knee’s. Slowly bend over from the waist untill you feel the weight going through the balls of the feet. You will feel like your about to tople forwards but that will be normal if your used to standing with the weight going through the heels!

So make sure your standing like a Goalie with slight flex in the knee’s and the weight going through the balls of your feet. This will add more distance and consistancy to your game!

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