Another Great use for a Drill Stick….

The use of drill sticks are becoming common practice and they can sit in most players bags constantly. Drill sticks are probably the best value practice aid on the market with a huge amount of applications. Here’s another great use for them.

When we putt were trying to use your upper body as one unit focusing on the big muscles as they have a more limited range of movement. This means that a swing based on your upper will work more consistently as less can go wrong.

The question is how do you practice using just your bigger muscles, cutting out your arms. Get a drill stick and put it under your arms in front of your chest. This will limit your arm movements and encourage your chest to work more.

Give it ago and hole more putts by using your drill stick!

One Response to Another Great use for a Drill Stick….

  • Mick says:

    Like the drill steve, could probably watch the ends going up and down vertically with your peripheral vision too! Rocking not rollin eh?

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