Banish 3 putts by Practicing with a Towel!

It’s always easier to putt to something above ground than a golf hole. That’s why with new golfers I get them to putt to a bottle sat in the hole to begin with.

Taking this on one stage further when we are practicing our long putting its really effect to use the same principle.

Instead of bottle, place a towel on the floor scrumpled up into a pile. Then go back to around 30ft and start from there.
You can make it more difficult by going further away or introducing some severe undulations.

This drill is great as the ball will reach the towel with pace meaning in reality the ball would have traveled past the hole giving it a chance of going in.

This is a really effect way of practicing and will ensure your first putt will be positive!

So reduce your 3 putt stats by using a towel in your practice!

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