Hit the ball further, with your feet together?

I find that too many people try and hit the ball with their hands and arms, this generally results in a lack of power and an iractic ball flight.

To hit the ball harder we need to base our swing on our body not our hands. This means working on rotation.

Your hands and arms are very versatile and can work in many ways, where as your body is far less movable and generally can only work in a couple of fixed planes of movement.

This is why basing your swing on your body makes your swing work more consistently.

The best way to practice this is to hit balls with your feet together. By putting your feet together you narrow the base which stops any lateral (side to side) movement and puts pure rotation as the focus of the swing. This drill is great for anyone especially if you struggle to hold your balance at the end of your swing. The only way you will be able to hit a ball is by turning properly. Fortunately you cannot over do this drill, I often go back to it from time to time to practice my swing and rotation.

Don’t be scared to hit a whole basket like this to start of with then slowely introduce normal golf swings. (log in to the members section to read more on practice structure)

By working on rotation you can forget about the way your hands and arms work. When your body turns your hands and arms have to follow, so your body will be leading your arms throughout the whole swing.

Enjoy the drill and the results!

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