My Latest Teaching Acheivement!

I have just passed my Golf Mind Course qualifying my as a Golf Mind Coach. Psychology plays not only a major role in performance but in skill development as well! That’s what initially got me so interested in this field in the first place, why some people improved faster than others or could grasp concepts quicker than others or even perform better in a competitive environment. Through my research I learnt about the importance of using Golf Psychology in golf coaching as well as designating specific sessions to training the mind for golf. This research enabled me to pass my exams to become a Certified Golf Mind Coach.

The qualification was designed by Dr Brian Hemmings (Pictured Left). Brian has been the lead psychologist to the England golf team for 15 years delivering high performance strategies with European and World Championship winning teams and individuals at men’s, youth and junior level. Brian gained his PhD in sport psychology from the University of Southampton in 1998; and has trained and mentored many golf psychology practitioners over the last decade.

I feel that with my advanced knowledge of Golf psychology I have a unique insight into the problems experienced by many aspiring golfers for example anxiety, lack of motivation/drive & confidence. I have some great tools that will combat these real problems and allow you to enjoy your golf more and play to your full potential.

If your interested in this side of golf as I am, dont hesitate to come and have a chat!

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