Stare at the target to improve your control

Whats more important, spot on alignment or judging the correct pace? It’s easy to get wrapped up in aligning your body but ultimately its pace that will determine how much of a chance you’ll have of holing the next shot. So many people leave their chips short losing shots! Here’s a great drill to work on your distance control skills. When your throwing a ball, where do you look? That should be a simple one, at the target. So if you can throw a ball without watching it, you should be able to chip without looking at the ball. Set up to the chip normally, then once your happy turn your head to face the target and stare at the target. Don’t take your eyes off the target and hit your shot! It may be a bit disconcerting not looking at the ball to start off with but once you’ve gotten used to it, and gained some confidence, you’ll be surprised how much better you will be judging the distance.

Have a go and increase your chipping confidence!

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