Zone out to Zone in your Putting

To Putt to your full potential you have to be able to just let it go! I often find that golfers try to guide and control the putter head in an attempt to steer the ball in to the hole. You have to lose control to gain control, this will allow the stroke to just work. The way people often try to control the putter head is with their eyes. You may not realise it but even in your peripheral you may be tracking the head of your putter which will cause tension and a poor rhythm. Here’s a simple way to ensure you never follow the head of your putter ever again allowing you to just let it go and hole more putts! Instead of looking at the ball when putting leave a small gap between the putter and the ball and pick a spot on the ground. Stare at that small point on the ground allowing the ball and putter head to go out of focus this will ensure that you can’t track the putter with your eyes creating a free stroke. Stare at that spot throughout the whole stroke untill the ball is long gone!

This focused state will make you feel ‘zoned out’, if you focus enough on that point everything around will begin to slowly fade away. This is the perfect state to putt in.

Practice zoning out to improve your putting now!

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