Hum your way to a better Swing!

Tension is the enemy of the golfer for every skill, especially in the full swing!
You may not be aware but you will have tension at some point in your swing, the key is finding out where. To work on your tension we need to find it! First just make some swings with no other purpose than to feel what is actually happening in your swing. Hopefully you will feel at some point in your swing the sensation of tension, the next step is to isolate the exact point it occurs. So a simple way to do this is to hum throughout your swing. The object being ideally to keep the same tone throughout. But you will find this is very difficult at first as the pitch will change as soon as tension occurs in the swing. Tension will cause the vocal cords to tighten. This will make the tone go higher, louder and maybe even stop all together at the exact point where tension occurs.
Now we know where it is all we have to do is to be aware of it and the tension will decrease, it’s that simple. Don’t try to change it, just accept it and use the humming exercise to see how tense the swing is the object being to remain at the same pitch all the way through.

So hum your way to a smoother more repeatable action!

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