Split your Grip to Stop Scooping Chips

One of the biggest faults I see in chipping is when a player tries to ‘help’ the ball in the air.
It is probably one of the most detrimental movements a player can make.

A great way to stop this movement is to practice chipping with a split grip, this will make it far harder to “scoop” the ball making you much more aware of the wrong movement.

To do this, grip the club leaving around a hands gap between each hand, this grip will force you to make the right movements and improve your chipping!

Notice that when you scoop with your handsĀ the body normally stops moving allowing the arms and hands to overtake and ‘scoop’. When you split your grip its harder to stop your body and it will want to keep moving with the arms to finish looking at the target just as the picture on the right is demonstrating.

Good luck and enjoy a better short game

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