Stop your swing to start improving!

The take away is a hugely important part of the swing (the takeaway is the first part of the back swing, as club shaft is parallel to the floor). The movement of the take away will effect the position you are able to achieve at the top of the back swing. As we can’t see ourselves swing the golf club we need to find a way to check and work on our own swing. So try this simple drill. Make a swing as normal but stop at the take away position (shaft parallel to the floor). Check to see if the club is in the right position, if so, start the swing from there and hit! If the position is incorrect go back to the start and have another go untill you attain the desired position.

The position we’re looking for (as the shaft is parallel to the floor) is the shaft parallel to the line of the feet just inside the toe line as pictured.

Enjoy this two stage drill, it is very effective and yields some surprising results as you will quickly learn what it feels like and where the club is are two completely different things.

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