Ladies Skill Development Handicap Reductions

Its normally only competition wins and close seconds that I write about in my student achievements section however some recent handicap reductions are well worth a mention especially when they all come from the same Group sessions.

The Ladies Skill development sessions were the creation by Myself and PGA Professional Jonathan Elsdon. Our aim was simple,  create an enviorment free from instructional (traditional) learning where players can improve their skills through methods other  than ‘re-modelling’ their golf swings.

The last ladies skill development sessions were designed to improve upon putting confidence and stroke effectiveness on the green.

The results have been astounding. Janet Hull & Angie Crabtree have both been cut with the effort they have put in is showing already. Both received handicap reductions of one shot, taking their handicaps from 29 to 28 and 33 to 32 respectively.

Vickey Kardas also recieved a substancial cut after shooting 40 points in the last ladies competition. This cut has taken her out of the Higher Handicap ladies inter club team and straight into The Dorset Golf & Country Clubs Ladies first team.

All this achieved in only a four week course, fantastic acheievment for all three and there is definately more to come!



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