Make your practice harder!

As you’ve probably read through some of my earlier tips I am passionate about finding ways to make your practice harder than your experience on the golf course. The logic being if your practice is harder than the golf course, the task of playing golf should seem easier to overcome.

But along with that we also need to find ways of transferring that same level of confidence onto the golf course.
In an earlier tip I advocated practicing putting to a tee peg, well I’d like to expand on that and make it more effective as well as giving you a way to take that feeling of success on the golf course.

First just practice in a nice open area, putting to a tee peg from around 5ft. However don’t just make it any old tee peg, ensure the tee is your favourite colour. After some time putting to the tee and hopefully hitting it a number of times don’t just go back to a hole.
What I’d like you to do now is find a hole to practice to and place your favourite colour tee peg behind the hole.
Now, still aiming for tee hit some more putts. (the hole should hopefully get in the way)

Now when you go onto the course imagine that favourite coloured tee behind the hole your putting to and putt to it.

Most people leave putts short so this is a great way to make yourself more positive. The other thing to note is the more accurate you try and become the more accurate you poor shots will be in relation to the hole. Many top players aim at a blade of grass or a small mark at the back of the cup.

Have a go, imagine a tee and hole more putts!

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