Stability starts from the ground up!

The biggest problem I face when I start working with some one new is almost nothing to do with the swing, but more to due with the way their legs and hip work.
Stability starts from the ground up, stable legs mean a powerful swing.
The most common thing I come across are the knees knocking in on the set up followed by the hips sliding in the back swing. This is the makings of not only a weak strike but a slice or fade to go with it. (pictured left)

The first thing I would like to mention is that everyone is different, so stances will have to vary. See how your knees flex, we are looking to achieve a stance where your knees flex forward or a little out, definitely not in. So if that means your toes are turned out 20 degrees that’s fine, likewise if they’re straight.

Once we have achieved this creating a good hip turn becomes far easier.

Read next weeks tip to improve your hip turn with your new stance.

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