Tighten up your game by practicing on the course!

Too many people hit ball after ball on the range and practice green but to no avail. That is because the practice often lacks consequence and is never recorded.

So how about this for sharpening up your pitching!

When your next playing on the course with a friend or by yourself play and keep score with one ball as you normally would. However when you reach the temporary green drop another ball and play in from there keeping a second score. Here’s the great bit, what you do with the pitching ball will affect your proper score. An up and down and your score will stay the same, a pitch and two putts will add 1 to your score, a pitch and three putts will add 2 to your score and so on. If you hole it, you can take one off your score!

This is a tough game but it gives you a good idea of how your pitching could be affecting your score. It also gives you a score to beat next time.

Give it a go and sharpen up your pitching on the course….

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