Create a solid shoulder turn

I don’t often give exact technique tips as everyone needs a different feel to achieve the right movements. However I have seen so much of this problem lately I feel it’s worth writing about. It’s a simple move, so make sure your doing it!

A level shoulder turn can destroy a players ability to strike the ball solidly, even creating undesired ball flights like a fade or slice.

My suggestion is simple, beat the level shoulder turn with a shoulder side bend. The shoulders should reach the top of the back swing on an angle so there has to be an element of lowering when it comes to the movement of the left shoulder (right handed golfer).

So by feeling your left shoulder bending left (right handed golfer) your shoulder will move correctly under chin creating a really effective shoulder turn. This also will stop you body moving off the ball improving your strike, consistency and ball direction.

So to clarify the exact thought you would use to put this vital move into your swing, is one of your shoulders bending left in the back swing (right handed golfer) instead of turning. “All Bend no Turn” is a common phase I would use when working with a client

Enjoy the tip and the results!

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