Get target orientated

One of the biggest problems I come across in putting is a lack of distance control! People often tell me that they just can’t judge distance.

Well unfortunately they are wrong. Give them a ball and ask them to throw it and they can send it straight to my hands, so can they judge distance? The answer is yes!

The problem is in putting they are just focusing on the wrong thing! When throwing a ball their focus is on the target not the hand that’s throwing the ball.

In putting their focus is on the putter hitting the ball, that’s like throwing a ball watching your hand whilst your throwing it.

So my advise is simple, when taking your practice strokes what ever you do make them constantly staring at the target (the hole) not at the floor where he ball will be. Get immersed in the target not what the putter is doing, that’s my golden rule.

This will improve your ability to judge the distance, enjoy…

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