Improve your chipping control with a ladder

So long as you’ve picked the right club for the job, the most important thing in chipping is the ability to control where the ball lands .
So here is a simple exercise to use to help you improve your ability to control your ball flight.
Set up a simple ladder drill with some drill six or clubs as pictured, leaving about a walking pace between each one. This should create around four different box lengths to chip into. The first shaft should be no more than 4ft away from your chipping position. You can vary the club you use for this drill.

A great way to add some pressure to this exercise is to only allow yourself one chance per box to get it in (simulating Golf course conditions). Start on the first box allowing your self unlimited balls, once you get it in move to the next box, if you miss on your first go to the second box go back to the first box and start again. The ultimate aim is to be able to hit all four boxes with four balls. Once you’ve achieved this start with the last box and move forwards in the same way.

A great way to see if your improving is to count the total amount of shots it took you to work your way along the ladder, trying to beat it next time in your practice session!

This drill even though frustrating will yield some fantastic results if you commit to the completing the task.

Good luck and enjoy the drill

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