Towels are for more than just cleaning your clubs

The humble towel can be an extremely useful practice aid! Here’s one great way to use a towel to improve your pitching. Place a large towel across your upper torso and hold it under both your arm pits. Then practice hitting pitch shots keeping it place. This may seem like a very restrictive drill but it will have an amazing effect on the way your body works. This drill encourages the torso to work in unison with the arms, ensuring the torso is the primary moving muscle in the action. This is a important piece of any pitching technique as your body should control the shot. Many golfers over use their hands and arms creating a lot of inconsistency and swing disconnection. Just think about how many different ways we can use your hands and arms, repeating a movement based on these muscle groups is extremely difficult. The torso however has a very limited mobility spectrum meaning there is less potential for variations in movement.

So use you towel for more than just cleaning your clubs and improve your pitching!

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