Gary Smith Short Game Clinic

The Gary Smith Short Game Clinics went with a bang with over 50 people turning up throughout the day to listen and change their short game technique for the better with Gary’s latest short game theory “The Linear Approach”.

Gary is arguably the UK’s number 1 short game coach as well as being one of the UK’s Top 25 Coaches. He works with the England Squad and players on tour.

So it was a real privileged for me to work along side him for the whole day and a real treat for the guys attending to listen to a master of coaching.

As Gary said there’s a Short Game Revolution beginning to happen, it started slowly at first but is now picking up pace!

Everything that Gary Coaches goes against a “traditional” approach to chipping but with good reason. Every position and movement has a purpose and logical reason behind it unlike the “traditional” method of chipping.

Gary’s method is easy to understand and unlike most things in golf, easy to apply and get results!

For more information on how to join the short game revolution and get your chipping technique up to date contact me today.

I would like to encourage comments from those who came to give even more of an insight into what the whole experience was like!

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