Go slow to improve faster!

Having a lesson is the catalyst for change, however, unless you go away and groove in the new positions or movements you’ve learnt you could end up swinging the way you always have done. That’s no good! The reason most people hit the ball better in the lesson than in their own time is that we as coaches exaggerate the new feeling more than you will.

That’s not necessarily your fault, even with adding new feelings your swing maybe so grooved in that you find it difficult to change whilst making a normal golfing swing. So if you can’t make the golf swing you want swinging at a normal pace why even bother practicing it? All you will do is groove in any undesired movements even more!

So here’s my advice, go slow, really slow. I work with a number of my clients making what I call Slow Mo Golf Swings. This is a swing that will go at maybe 15% power and speed of your normal swing, and hit the ball with a contact maybe as hard as a chip shot. With the added control you will gain from going slow you will be able to hit all the positions you want and make the golf swing you’ve always dreamed of! The ability to exaggerate your swing thoughts more will begin to change your swing, and quickly!

Mix in Slow Mo Swings with the odd normal swing, thinking and feeling the same changes you’ve been trying to make and you will have a recipe for success!

I know this seems like common sense but you would be amazed how many people don’t even consider practicing like this!

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