Lose control to gain control

Chipping is a skill that everyone says is a ‘feel’ based action. I would argue that it’s not feel at all, it’s the ability to let your body take control that’s important.

Most poor chipping actions I see are stiff, rigid and aggressive. Even though I do agree you have to be positive whilst chipping you can’t be aggressive with the movement.

We need your hands to be soft, allowing the club to do the work. Feel is just a calculation made in your brain predicting how the shot should be played based on your experience. It’s allowing that calculation to transfers into the stroke which is important.

So here’s how I would suggest you start to increase your “feel” letting your instinct take control.

Practice chipping with only one hand, your dominant hand to be exact, right for a right handed golfer.

First take a good set up, weight at least 70% on your leading foot with your leading toe turned out. Ball position underneath sternum, which should be almost level with the heel of your leading foot.

Then keep your hand soft pull the club back, then let it go, allowing the club head to drop into the back of the ball and over take. Think of the club in two parts, it has a heavy end and a light end. Don’t try and accelerate the light end, let the heavy end do all the work.

So practice your chipping with one hand and lose control to gain control!

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