Summers here, time to learn the flop shot!

The flop shot is one of the hardest shots in golf. It requires commitment and confidence and thats after we know how to play it properly!

So here’s the keys to hitting a nice high flop shot.

The right club – we need a lofted club, my suggestion is a wedge with 54 degrees + with standard or low bounce. For the people that aren’t quite sure what bounce is, it’s the angle of the bottom of the club. Bounce is designed to make the back sole of the club come in contact with the ground first ‘bouncing it of the floor’. Why is this usefull you ask, it stops the wedge digging into the ground, this makes it perfect for bunker shots and lies from soft turf. Most sand wedges will have high bounce as standard for this reason.

Next we need to know how to set up –

Align your body straight turning your lead foot out 45 degree’s. The club face needs to be layed open, don’t worry the ball wont go right (for a right handed golfer), once the loft exceeds 64 degree’s the direction of the swing will send the ball in the desired direction.

A wide stance is required with around 70% of your weight through your leading foot. The ball should be positioned level with the inside heel of the leading foot (in the same position as a driver). Finally comes the hands, I

would encourage your hands to hang back in the centre of your body, this will make the shaft of the club appear to be leaning back.

The simple bit is the swing, focus on using your body as the primary mover, your hands should be soft allowing the club head to over take. Your thoughts would be body turns back, body turns through, soft hands! Provided your weight stays on the leading foot you can’t fail to hit a great high flop shot!

Hopefully you’ll agree, the hardest bit is the set up, once you’ve learn how to prepare to hit the shot, the swing and action is very simple. Turning focusing on your body will help you to commit to the shot.

Enjoy your summer of golf, hope this shot gets you out of trouble

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