Learn how to ask yourself the right questions!

We’re told that we have to image every shot before we play it, and thats true. It can be the difference between achieving the great results you deserve and not reaching your true potential. Imaging the shot your about to play is vital but has anyone explained how?

Just imagining something is difficult unless you understand how the brain works.

If someone told you to imagine a door, it would be quite difficult, there are an infinite number of doors you could think about. If someone told you to imagine your door, you would instantly conjure a vivid image in your mind of your door and all the small details of the letter box, door bell and door knob.

So what am I saying? To create an effective image we need to ask ourselves an effective question, our mind will give us the answer.

So before every shot to create a vivid, strong and effective image ask yourself “what does a good shot for me look like here?”. As you’ve seen yourself hit a good shot before, you will create a very personal and effective image in your mind. By showing your brain what you want it to do, it will stand a far better chance of recreating it!

The results I have seen with people using this have been unbelievable.

So ask yourself the right questions and reap the rewards…..

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