Hit through the gate to create a draw

Giving your self an external focus has been proven to be 40% more effective than thinking of an internal thought like your hands or body whilst practicing.

So when trying to create that elusive draw external is where our mind needs to be focused.

Here’s a great way to start forcing that draw!

About 10 yards in front of you (10 paces) take two drill sticks and create a gate. The first stick should be in the ground in between and inline with your ball and target. The next stick should be put in the ground a pace to the right creating a gate.

So if you hit a straight shot the ball should fly over the left stick, this is however not what we’re after. We want the ball to fly through the middle of the gate starting right of target.


For the ball to start right, generally the clubs path has to have been travelling to the right through impact. This is the movement that imparts right to left spin (draw spin) to the ball.

Your task is simple, get that ball travelling through the gate however you can. If you do, a draw won’t be too far away.

I appreciate however you may need some direction, so here’s some of the thoughts that have proved effect when achieving this.
Start off just with a chip shot. The club and the hands should move in on the way back therefore pushing more out on the way through. Putting the weight through the left foot also helps with this maybe 70/30 distribution.

Once achieving this every time with a chip take this successful template and encourage these moves to occur in a fuller swing.

Enjoy your practice and enjoy your golf!

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