Could your elbows hold the key to a better swing?

Your elbows play a major role in how your arms will work during the swing with your body.

One of the biggest faults I see from day to day are the arms flexing through impact creating a lack of power and inconsistency.

Here’s a good fix for this common fault, it’s simple and easy to change.

Have you ever considered that the way you elbows are positioned in the set up could be the problem! If your elbows are pointed out to the sides your arms can flex, so how should they be positioned?

The fix is a simple one, turn your elbows in so they are underneath your arms. This will put your arms in a position where they will find it hard to flex outwards. This inward position makes them more likely to fold inwards into your body correctly, stay straight throughout the golf swing maintaining their connection and stability.

A simple change that can yield great results, have a go!

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