Create an effective practice stroke

Every part of a pre shot routine should have a purpose and aid the putt your about to make. What if I told you that you could be harming your chance of holing a putt instead of improving it?

For most people the practice stroke is a crucial part of their routine as its when they are “feeling” what they are going to do when it comes to taking the putt.

What amazes me about this part is where people take them. I often see people taking them to the side of their ball and looking down. What is the problem with this? Well, to start with to control distance and calculate it effectively we should be looking at our target! Just like when we throw a ball. My suggestion would be to make 3 flowing practice swings going back wards and forwards continuously ‘feeling’ the distance whilst looking at the hole.

The second problem is taking the practice stroke by the side of the ball. This is because the putt they are practicing isn’t the putt they are about to take! It’s a completely different putt, that’s a problem!

Effective putting is all about creating a clear image in your mind of the target and putt your looking to make. By doing practice strokes to the side your actually distorting your that image with another. This will confuse your brain! So what am suggesting? There’s a simple solution, take your practice strokes from behind your ball whilst looking at the hole. This will ensure you look down the putt your looking to make maintaining that clear image of the putt and your target!

Enjoy the Results!

One Response to Create an effective practice stroke

  • mick woodham says:

    Good stuff steve, i am, and always have, been guilty of side-on practice strokes….has never occured to me before that BEHIND the ball gives more realistic mental picture of putt!! Will be in touch to continue improvement!

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