Accept the bad shots before they happen

This tip is from my good friend Dr Karl Morris to promote his next trip down to The Dorset Golf & Country Club in March 2013.

Unfortunately golf is a game of mistakes. We need to accept this fact. Now this attitude is not a negative one, its just realistic.

Over confidence can be just as detrimental as a negative mind set. Now we all know a negative mind set is bad but why is over confidence so damaging. If a player doesn’t accept he will hit some bad shots, when he or she hits one the reaction to it will greatly impact he game. Because the result is unacceptable and incompatible with the mind set it can result in a greater negative reaction than normal.

So what is the answer? Negative is clearly not the answer and neither is positive!
A neutral mind set is what we need to develop! So how do we go about this?

Here’s the first step –

Before you go out accept the fact that you will hit bad golf shots, but make a promise that you will endeavour to do the best you can where ever your ball ends up.

Now I know this is a simple thing to do, it will make a big difference to your mind set!

Then before you hit each golf shot say to yourself “I will accept what ever the outcome may be”

By doing this you won’t be fighting your expectations and if nothing else you would probably enjoy your golf an awful lot more!

So give it a go and enjoy your golf!


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