Could the putter be the problem?

Probably the most important attribute for a putter to have is the length correctly fitted. But why? And more importantly how do you know what the correct length should be?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, tension is the number one enemy of the putting stroke. Anything that creates tension needs to be addressed. The incorrect length of a putter can be a big culprit. If the putter is too long the elbows will have to be flexed in order to grip the club, flexed (contracted muscles) are under tension. If the putter is too short (probably the lesser of two evils) the arms will have to be too straight or the torso will have to be more bent over. These two adjustments also have the ability to create tension.

So how do find the correct length of putter for you? The answer is a simple one. Don’t set up to the putter, let the putter set up to you!

Take your putting stance and ensure your bent over around 40 degrees from the waist. From there we need to see your arms hanging relaxed, extended as far as gravity will let them. A good marker is to see you hands hanging inline with your toes.

From here take your grip with your lead hand first, placing it where it is naturally hanging. The bottom hand will be stretched a little to sit underneath your leading hand.

If the length of the putter is correct there should be an inch of spare grip from the top of your highest hand and the end of the grip.

So check the length of your putter and make sure it’s not your equipment that’s the problem!

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