Grip pressure points and power

In this tip I will not advocate you holding the club in a certain way at all. But I would like to explain some principles of applying power as we strike the ball and how that can be affected by the grip.

First I would like to use a scenario to put in context what I’m about to say.
Imagine you were trying to push a table with your right hand (right handed golfer). First try and push it with your fingers, it’s hard and weak, with no power!

Now position the bone at the bottom of your right index finger on the table and push, loads of power and very strong.

It’s the same with the grip, to apply force at impact you have to position the bone of the right index finger to the right of the grip so it can apply pressure to the grip effectively at impact.

That way as you strike the ball good grip pressure can be maintained and force can be efficiently applied to the golf ball!

Try it for your self and enjoy the results….

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