Love the way the club lies…

The lie of the club can make a massive influence on the shape of the golf shot. This is due to the phenomenon of face plane tilt. Even though the act of face plane tilt is very complicated I can simplify it in this way. If the club is upright for your ideal specification (the toe of the club way off the ground) the shot shape will be a draw or hook, if the club is too flat for you (the heel of the club way off the ground) the shot shape will be generally a fade or slice.

So my suggestion is this. First make sure your set is custom fitted to you. Even the set you have was originally custom fitted check it every year to see if they are correct. If the set wasn’t, then make sure that your custom fitted requirements are checked immediately. The set could effect the golf shot as really golf is all physics and geometry.

The way the face lies could actually work to your advantage. If you are a casual golfer and you are not interested in changing your swing then change your clubs specifications to help the causes. An upright club will help you neutralize the slice. And a flat club will neutralize a hook. Remember that it is the moment of impact that matters and it doesnt matter how the club appears to be lying in the set up before the swing. Typically the club will lie as pictured left. Not flush to the floor but slightly toe up so a 2 pence coin could fit underneath it.

Ask me for details if this approach to improvement sounds like it could be for you! Its quick and easy yielding instant results.

So don’t be proud, let the clubs technology help you as much as possible…….

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