Raise your belt to raise your game!

Everyone thinks about generating power in the golf swing by using their arms and torso as levers. But what if I told you that your legs and hips could be one of your biggest levers?

We all know that as we strike the ball we return back to our basic set up position at impact, but what happens after that in order to propel the club through the swing?

The answer is simple, we extend our whole body, straightening it to its maximum. In simple terms your belt buckle of your trousers should finish higher than when it started. Your belt buckle should also finish as the closest thing to the target, poked the most forward of your whole body. This will propel the ball the furthest and the highest. The lower your belt, the lower the shot and the more chance you have of cutting the golf ball!

So raise your belt to raise your game. To practice this set up to the ball, stand up as straight as you can, extending your body and spine to the maximum. Now turn onto your leading foot, placing 90% of your weight through it.

This will give you the right sensation of how we should be looking to finish

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