SQUEEZE more Consistency out of your swing!

As you take your set up before your swing notice how your arms will be reasonably close together. If they’re not, they should be! The arms should be hanging naturally then as you grip the club will come closer together creating a great position to start the swing from.
For the more accomplished and top players the arms will stay the same distance apart throughout the whole swing, even squeezing closer together in many cases.
A fault I see in many golfers I work with is the arms coming apart during the back swing and through swing! This is so destructive it’s unbelievable….

So here’s a simple suggestion, get a football (medium size) that’s slightly deflated and put it between your arms (I’ve used a basket). Hit golf balls squeezing your arms together so you don’t drop it. This sensation will feel very restrictive at first but don’t panic! The results will begin to speak for themselves, and you will gain the consistency and power that you’ve never dreamed of!

Enjoy the Drill and Results

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