Focus on the “one point”

It’s been proven that during the golf swing on the golf course we can only effectively put our focus in one place.
Most books say to focus on the target, this is great if there are no swing thoughts…..most of us aren’t that lucky, and have some conscious thought during our swings that we need to work on.

So what’s the answer? We need to put our focus in a place that is helpful to the golf swing. The focus also needs to be in a place where it can remain for the whole golf swing.

So here are some examples of bad focus –

“I’m just thinking about the start of the downswing”
“I’m concentrating on the way the club sets during the back swing”

These are bad to use on the course because after the action has been performed where does the players attention go? The answer quite honestly is anywhere!

In golf your attention and focus can be in one of two places. Focusing on something useful or not useful.

The key is to ensure your focus is always on something useful.

Am I saying its bad to work on your swing on the golf course? NO! But there is a correct way to do it.

So here are my suggestions of focus –

If I were working on a movement that was controlled by my hands I would place my focus (my whole mind) in a specific place on one of my hands I.e. the back of my left wrist.

If I was working on my knee movement I would put my focus (my whole mind) on one of my knees (the one that helped me the most)

If you don’t know where to put your focus, just try this. Put your mind and attention on the head of the club and leave it there. It really can be that simple.
For anyone that would like to ask me why I have a simple answer –
When you learn to drive do you think about how your hands, elbows, wrists and shoulders turn the wheel of a car? Or do your just turn the wheel?
In golf were swinging a club, if you need to find a place to focus make it the club head because that’s what we’re swinging.

When I talk about placing your mind in your knee or in your club head I want you to literally feel as though you take your brain out of your head and place it where you want it.

Notice I’m not telling you to think about manipulating the club in anyway. I want your focus just in the area your working on which will give your training and practice the best chance of taking over! With your mind focused on and involved with the task yet not interfering it will increase the chances of making a successful swing.

The results will seriously astound you!

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