Only practice with intention

I see so many people hitting balls on the range basically wasting their time. They hit ball after ball with no real focus or goal.

To start with practice is all about the having the right intention before you start. Have a clear goal in mind of what your trying to achieve from the practice. Secondly whilst your out there always pick a target. This is the only way you can actually evaluate how the shots are going. It’s no good hitting beautiful feeling well stuck shots if they’re going 20 yards left or right.

My final suggestion is practice in blocks of 10 balls

Because the effectiveness of practice will all hang on the quality of your focus. It is extremely difficult to stay focused for a whole bucket of balls therefore some shots will be waisted!

So hit 10 balls with a clear goal in mind then sit on the wall or step back and evaluate, how effective those 10 balls were, did I make the moves I wanted to, did I see the result I wanted to?

After that group your thoughts and focus on the next 10 balls

Practicing in this way will yield impressive results, remember practice is all about the quality not the quantity!

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