What is actually possible?

Is the next shot inevitable? How many people feel as soon as soon as they 3 putt a few times that is all they will do the whole day. The same as a type of shot, if you start off slicing it you feel like you will be doing it forever.
If your in this situation ask yourself one question, what is possible?
Is it possible to hit another type of shot or even have any number of outcomes?
For example if your constantly 3 putting to there is a way to break this bad cycle. Before you begin your routine on the putting green the question you need to ask yourself is this……..


The answer at any time is yes of course from where ever you are!

Graeme McDowell the major title winner asks this question before he hits any golf shot says Dr Karl Morris (Graeme McDowell’s Mind Coach)….

Asking this question will give yourself the best chance of producing the shot your looking to hit! Your brain will be in a receptive state and open to the idea of creating what ever shot you require.

I will leave you with this closing idea –

If your becoming a reasonable golfer you will probably have achieved a par on every hole of the golf course at some point……so here’s a question, if you have made par on each hole of the golf course at some point is it possible to do it all in one round? The answer of course is yes! But are you open to the idea?

So give yourself the best chance to hit the shot your capable of by asking the right questions…..

Open your game to the word possible, see what you can achieve.

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