Active Visualisation?

Just because you can’t get to the driving range doesn’t mean you can’t practice! It’s been proven that by using a process called active visualization you can achieve up to 90% of the same benefits as hitting real golf balls!

So how do you do it?


1. First Create a model. Imagine someone the same height and build as you that can do the movement your working on (youtube some pro video’s if necessary).
2. Watch the model creating the movement in your mind. Best to do this standing up in a large area of space whilst holding a club with your eyes closed. (Repeat 10 times)
3. Physically Step forward walking into into the model’s body in your mind then physically make the movement (fully flowing) that you’ve been visualizing. (Repeat 10 times)
4. Physically Step forward again now imagine your in a golf course environment and make the movements again (repeat 10 times)
5. Take another little step forward now imagining a competitive golf environment (e.g. first tee shot of medal) and make the movements (10 times)
6. Step back 2 paces, open your eyes and bring all of that learning back with you.

This may sound far out but the research behind this is irrefutable! There is a famous example of how a Vietnamese prisoner of war was held captive for a number of years in a 6 x 6 solitary cell. He was a golfer about 18 handicap, and to keep himself sane he would play a round of golf everyday! But the difference is not only would he do it with his eyes closed he would get up and move as well. He imagined the whole experience in such great detail. Actually to the extent that he would imagine phoning up the club, getting in his car, talking to his friends and even walk a good distance (back and forth) to ‘reach’ his ball.

Once he was released and got back to America he played his first game of golf for years. He shot his best ever score 79!

The moral of the story is, the more vividly and realistic you can make you visualization the more effective for your brain it will be! I’m not saying pretend to drive to the golf course. But imagine the way the ball feels off the face and imaging the way it fly’s with each shot. If its windy outside where your practicing bring that into your visualization.

So having no time to visit the club is not an excuse anymore, 10 minutes of active visualization a night is achievable for everyone and can make a huge difference!

Enjoy your practice..

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