Par 18, Measure your improvement!

Is your practice actually making you better? How do you know unless you have a way of recording results from your practice…..the answer is you don’t!

Here’s a simple way to start seeing big improvements in your short game. Play Par 18. The game is simple there are 9 par 2’s of your own creation the aim is to chip and single putt each one. A good score is 22……

Here’s how to set it up! Pick 9 different locations around the chipping green, 3 easy, 3 medium and 3 hard in difficulty. Play each hole using any club you need at the end record the total score in a little pocket book. Then show your coach or someone of importance what you score.

Here’s the beauty of this, the act of writing down the score will simulate the conditions experienced on the golf course, showing someone important will add some pressure simulating consequence another on course experience.

Here’s the final key to making this exercise super effective, you can only do this exercise once a day.This will maintain the gravity of the exercise.

It hopefully goes without saying that you can’t have another go if you mess up or miss a simple putt. Learn to deal with the results and try again tomorrow.

Watch your score come down as you learn to make a score and write it down

One Response to Par 18, Measure your improvement!

  • Mick Woodham says:

    Have been using “par 18” since last year’s mind coach evening, vast improvement in short game skills, and therefore, results. Highly recommended.

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