Hole more Crucial Putts

Making practice difficult is a passion of mine as I’ve mentioned in previous articles. The reason being that the environment of the golf course is far more difficult than the environment we practice in. As we can’t simulate the same conditions easily we only have one option. Make the task of practice more difficult than the golf course.

Here is a way to test your putting on the golf course! Play a normal practice round of golf with one main difference. When ever the ball gets within a putters length of the hole you have to move it an extra putter length away.

This is so effective as firstly it will get you used to only putting reasonable lengthen putts. Secondly it will put a greater emphasis on holing longer putts because 2ft and under isn’t good enough.

The effects I’ve seen from this have astounded me! It’s created more confidence in the players I’ve used it with and an increased ability to hole testing putts.

So play the putter length game next time you go out for a practice game.
Enjoy the results!

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