Understand your wrist hinge

stevetake2stevetakeThe wrists should hinge not roll! So many golfers “roll” their arms during the back swing creating as sorts of problems when trying to strike the ball.

So what do the wrists actually do in the golf swing? It’s an interesting question as most don’t give it much thought.

The wrists for most people do what ever becomes natural, but is that actually right?

stevetake3The wrists in the golf swing have one function only! To hinge then un hinge (vertically) and finally re hinge again. It’s the hinging however that I am most concerned with in this article (so basically the back swing).

At the address the hands should be position ahead of the ball (inline with the inside of leading leg), from there just practice the hinging movement in the golf swing. Hinge your wrists fully up then turn to the top of your back swing. It’s as simple as that! Rolling the wrists on the back swing adds unnecessary complications, this is because the rolling move takes the club completely off plane (the swing circle) also disconnecting the arms from the body. Remember that any additional movement in the swing could break down creating inconsistencies.

So take the roll out and increase the ability to repeat your swing.

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