Become a putting Jedi

IMG_1733There’s only one way to become a master of putting and your stroke, you must search your feelings!

Get to a 5ft straight putt and drop ten balls. From here we are going to hit all the putt’s with our eyes closed. Our task to start with is to guess after we hit the putt and before our eyes open if the ball has finished long, short or in line with the hole.

We have to use the feelings of the strike and the stroke in order to make an educated guess of where the ball has finished in relation to the hole. What your really doing during this exercise is building awareness or more commonly known as ‘feel’. Feel basically is creating a relationship between your putter head, ball and the result. Before you move on to the next exercise you must be able to call 10/10 putts correctly.

IMG_1732The next exercise is the most interesting, what I want you to do is get the ten balls again and perform the same exercise, however this time instead of just guessing whether the putt is long, short or in line with the hole we also need to guess whether the putt has finished left or right. This exercise will build the ultimate awareness of your stroke and will actually give you the ability to fix and work on your own stroke by your self just using your feelings.

Once you can hit 10/10 putts calling the results correctly you can make the putt longer or more difficult introducing slope.

Once you master the difficult putts and can call all the results correctly your awareness of your own stroke will truly amazing.

So feel the putts use your senses and become a putting Jedi

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