Stretch more power out of your swing

Hitting the ball further is simple really, you just need to learn to use your biggest lever more, your body..

So here’s simply the idea and concept to get the most out of your swing.

Well firstly I need to mention that the left arms (for a right handed golfer) must be straight. Once the left arm or leading arm is straight it is then a question of how far the butt of the club travels.

The further it travels the further the ball will go. The element in your body that will control that will be your torso (spine). Think of it like an axe man chopping wood. The further back he stretches his body, the further the axe gets taken back, the more powerful his axe strikes will be.


steveback2Golf is the same, the more we stretch our spine, the further around our club will be propelled, the harder we will hit the ball.

To stretch your spine the most, you will feel as though at the top of your back swing your upper torso will be leaning more towards the target. Creating a little arch in your Mid/lower back. This will make you feel as though you are sending the butt of the club well around the body in the back swing. The other element that will help this is having your weight more though your leading foot at the top of the back swing, as pictured by PGA Tour Players!

s&t spec

So stretch your body to stretch more power from your golf swing, the results will be amazing!

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