The right way to beat your head against the wall

Over the years we have all been taught to maintain our spine angle throughout the golf swing. For me and many other top coaches now this is a very incorrect description of what goes on in a golf swing and is very misleading for a lot of golfers.

Our spine angle actually changes constantly during the swing. The aspect we are try to remain constant is our spines inclination to the ground.

So here’s a really useful and simple analogy to think of to teach you how this should happen.

Copy of headwall

Imagine your self in your golfing posture as normal but with your head pressed against a wall. The head should stay against the wall throughout the entire golf swing. Neither shifting left or right certainly not backing up away from it.

Or taking this one step further, take a pillow or cushion and use it to rest your heads against the wall in your golfing posture. Cross your arms over your chest or interlock your hands like a golf grip. From here rehearse the back swing and through swing keeping you head pressed to the wall.

This will instantly give you the correct feelings of the bodies movement both back and through.

So if your going to beat your head against the wall for your golf, do it the right way!

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