Flat left wrist a golfing imperative!

steveimpactMost of a golf swing is variable which is why there are so many unique and effective golf swings in the world. There are however a few things that every functional swing ‘must’ have in order to work consistently. These principles are demonstrated uniformly by the worlds greatest players.

The one element I am going to cover here is a flat leading wrist (left wrist for a RH golfer). The left wrist is in complete control of the club face and will determine the balls starting direction and launch angle. A bent left wrist will launch the ball higher and weaker, with the ball generally curving to the right. A flex left wrist at impact would also create thin and fat strikes as the club would bottom out too early before the ball either hitting the ball on the upswing or the ground.

One of the main reasons for achieving a flat left wrist is consistency. The unfortunate thing is that if the leading wrist is bent at impact, we cannot guarantee the exact angle it will be bent every time. There are many degree’s of bent, but straight is straight no matter what. The more variables we can take away from a golf swing the better and this is a big one!

stevephotoAnother issue of a bent left wrist is the lack of power it will create. To hit a ball with a bent wrist is to take power away from the swing. Imagine swinging and the club head stopping and impact; if the hands and arms continued what would happen? The arms would be completely extended and the left wrist would bow (palmer flex). This is the impact we need to achieve and we should imagine when thinking about a golf swing.

But how do you work on this aspect? The swing will be moving in excess of 60mph through impact so not much time to think! The key is to start with my impact drill. Firstly, set up normally to the ball. Then assume an impact position, this would be hands pushed forward inline with you leading pocket, hips bumped forward and turned maybe 30 degrees open (shoulders still square) and finally weight positioned up to 90% through the leading foot (done with lower body). The idea from this adjusted set up position is to maintain it whilst hitting a waist high to waist high chip swing. The handle (grip) will feel like it leads the swing. This will give you the feeling of a very solid strike movement. The resulting shot will be low and powerful. The swing feeling will be almost like a punch shot.

Make longer swings until you feel comfortable make a full swing stopping at around shoulder height whilst maintains that firm left wrist position.

So flatten your leading wrist to strike it solid!

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